Valentine’s Day: Every year, when the 14th of February rolls around, I get riled up with a healthy dose of “what the…”. The simple thought that we are allowed to celebrate an official day of love - just ONE day - and it be deemed OK, drives me nuts!

Really? Just ONE day?  

We need to be rejoicing in everything LOVE – YOU, your family and your friends, your community, the Sun and the Sky, the heavens above and Mother Earth beneath our feet, every single day!    

Love is everywhere, in every moment, of every day. 

Darlings – Valentine’s Day is every day – every day to pamper, spoil, rejoice and LOVE – LOVE YOURSELF.  Every day is a day to be luxurious!  

Not sure about that? Then I invite you to re-read my third blog, darlings. Because Love, Amour, Amore, Liebe, Amor, Cinta – however you say it – starts with YOU.

Happy YOU Day!






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