With Earth Day just past, and Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to dish on the greatest Mother of all time – Mother Earth. 

She is a phenom! And as you can tell, she needs our help, and not just one-day-a-year. Even the smallest gestures will make a big difference. And I get it, at times the task seems to big, and too much that we figure we cannot make a difference. 

Well, here’s the thing, darlings – you can make a difference. 

Let me give you a simple example: matches. Wooden matches are one of the worst kinds of waste and harm to the planet. Equally awful are disposable lighters. Solution? Rechargeable!

That’s right – rechargeable lighters like the ones I’ve sourced for you. They’re elegant, sleek and 100% RECHARGEABLE, so they have little or no impact on Mother Earth.


Here’s another idea: repurpose items, like my selection of vintage ashtrays, available in milk-glass or cut crystal. These repurposed works-of-art are gorgeous, and look stunning on any table. They belong on full display. Bold. Proud. A statement!

So you see, you can make a difference.  You do make a difference. You are the difference.

You Go Girl! Your Mama and Mother Earth would be proud.  





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