Fashion is not about how you look, it’s about how you feel!


Every year some of us wait for fashion editors to tell us what the latest trend is, what’s hot and what’s not… and quite frankly, is that what fashion is really ALL about? Listen closely darlings: fashion is not about how you look, it’s about how you feel! Read That Again: fashion is a feeling… something captured by your essence.


Bold colors have ALWAYS been IN for BOLD women. They capture our fearless and free nature. And we have long worn vintage for the same reasons: not just because Carrie was on a budget, but because the colors and shapes of vintage clothing are bold, are daring …and so well made.

So don’t be a slave to fashion trends – GO beyond them. Set THEM. Wear red and orange and blue. Stack big, chunky bangles and lay on the layers of necklaces. Or go tone-on-tone in a black catsuit with a simple belt, and classic diamond stud earrings, paired with a chucky watch. And speaking of black, the LBD (Little Black Dress) is a staple of every wardrobe: add a scarf, and vintage handbag, dark glasses, and ta-dah, glamourous and ready to take on the world!


Looking for casual elegance? Nothing is as classic as a clean, crisp white cotton-shirt, sleeves rolled up, and the collar-up to frame your gorgeous face. Wear with sleek black pants, tucked in or not. Either way works! Accessorize with a belt, chunky bracelets or a statement necklace. Add in a large oversized watch, a bright evening bag, and you’ll transform your day look into a styling vibe ready for a night on the town.

Whatever you choose to wear, HOW you wear it, is up to you. Be expressive. Be authentic. BE YOU – that’s luxurious.



And as our friend, the late fashion trailblazer Andre Leon-Tally once said: “Luxury is to be able to take control of one’s life, health and the pursuit of happiness in a way that is joyful.”

Be that Joy





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