Looking at trying Edibles? Here are some helpful tips from Scarlet and a friend.


Scarlet: Hello Darlings… edibles offer a world of wonder to those who choose to use them. There are endless options, from brownies, cookies and gummies, to dissolving tablets, hard candies, mints and more. Being an educated consumer means even more pleasure. Enjoy edibles with a few helpful hints but as I loathe ‘blah, blah, blah…’ I am going to have my friend Stan give you the 411 on the dos and don’ts of edibles. Take it away Stan.


Stan: Thanks Scarlet!

Here are a few basic guidelines before one gets started:


Make sure they are right for you:  

Have a discussion with your doctor or practitioner to find out if it impacts any current health issues. There are edibles that are CBD based, which may have therapeutic benefits, and for the most part don’t leave one feeling high. THC infused edibles will leave one feeling euphoric, with a ‘buzz’ and may have an impact on other medications. So be smart - always consult your doctor before embarking on any decision that may impact your physical and mental well-being.  


Scarlet: Smart is sexy.


Read The Label: 

It’s not just smart, it’s common sense. After all, you read labels all the time when buying groceries or medicine – so checking the label of your edibles is a must.  What is the THC content level?  When does it the expire? Where does it come from? All very important details. Know what you buy and where you are buying from. Knowledge is hot. Being an educated consumer will enhance your experiences.   


Easy Does It:

Because edibles are ingested, their impact is much stronger, even though it takes longer (anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours) to kick-in and feel the effect and the duration of the buzz can last well into the next day. Look for edibles with no more than 2.5 mg of THC and go slow.  No one likes a hangover. And like alcohol, never drive, operate heavy machinery, or consume alcohol while enjoying edibles. Instead, enjoy your edible like you would plan any night-on-the-town (if your town allows consuming): have a DD if you plan on heading out or take an ride share. 


For first-timers:

(Congratulations) It’s best to consume your edible in the comfort or your own home, at the end of the day. That way if you do get tired, you can head off to bed and sleep it off. 


Store Them Safely:

Edibles can look like store-bought candies and cookies, so keep them in a cupboard, out of reach from children and pets. You can live your life without a care, but don’t be careless: never leave them on the counter or a table. 


Scarlet: Thanks Stan!

Remember darlings, consuming edibles is like everything in life – to be enjoyed.  Being informed about it will make your experiences even more enjoyable and more luxurious.





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