Ahhh SPRING... It's finally here!

Gone are the ugly, grey days of slush, cold temperatures, bitter winds and blah weather.

Hello to longer days, sunshine and flowers in bloom. Hello to color!

Did you know that spring is an ideal time to refresh your mojo?  Get ready to spoil yourselves with a few of my favorite things: we’re going shopping, right here…right now!


Let’s start with you: The Natural Crystal Love Yourself Pipe! It reminds us that before we can take care of others, we need to take care of ourselves. I’ve discussed this before darlings, in my other blogs: self-love is not selfish. It is the most important love, a love to feel and know before you can love and help others. Enjoying your cannabis in a pipe made with natural crystals makes a bold and confident statement.


Now, let’s ramp up that confidence with the Hemp Wick Wrapped Crystal Quartz. Clear crystal is an energy amplifier - whatever your thoughts or intentions, it will make them much more powerful! So set good ones! Hold this wand in your hand and close your eyes. See yourself surrounded by love, abundance, good health, and more love – radiating joy!


Finally, every home needs an ashtray. It’s a must have, so don’t get one that is boring, get one that helps calm you, like my Amber Heart Crystal Ashtray. The color amber helps ground you. It’s also part of the gold color spectrum, associated with abundance. This ashtray is a statement in elegance.

That’s it my loves. Three of my essentials to help you enjoy your cannabis, reconnect with your own self, and get refreshed in luxury with every experience!

Now, isn’t that’s what spring is all about?






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